IRC Server Links


Welcome to my IRC Server Links page. Simply click one of these links and they will lead to a page that has an IRC widget
that will open in the channel the link refers to. All of these will be Tulpa channels. If you would like to know more information
about Tulpas then check out this link.

Join #Compu on

- This is my channel, it's a fun place to be around.

Join #tulpa on

- This is the Tulpa hub. On and off topic is allowed. It's the most crowded and usually
the best place to ask questions.

Join #tulpa on Ponychat

- This is a great channel to come ask questions and get information about Tulpas.
All of the people here are very friendly and it is highly likely that someone will
have an answer to your question.

Join #anthrotulpae on

- This is Anthrotulpae, the furry capital of tulpaland, where cuddles and friendship reign supreme!
All are welcome (even non-anthro tulpas), just remember to be extra friendly for the whole channel!